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Wishlistable Items

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Wishlistable Items

Post  Dakren on Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:24 am

No item should be wishlisted than this linkshell cannot accomplish from a scheduled linkshell event within the next thirty days. For example, I had Black Belt on my wishlist. This should be removed, as it violates this policy.

Things that you can reasonably expect:
* Tier 1-3 ZNMs, Any
* Most Drops From Sky, Barring Divine Might Earrings

Possibilities include:
* Sea Jailer Drops
* Tier 4 ZNMs
* Limbus Drops

Things in the future:
* Dynamis (Don't wishlist things from this, anyway, you'll be picking a main job and subjob relic set when we get to Dynamis, which should be after we build up the linkshell bank from sky drops like divine logs)
* Limbus
* Einherjar
If you have any questions about this new policy, please post them below.


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Re: Wishlistable Items

Post  Dakren on Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:54 am

1.) Homam and Nashira pieces probably won't occur for a while, so please feel free to wishlist something else in these slots and come back to it. We're anticipating middle to late August for the start of Limbus, and Homam's a Limbus Boss item, so please don't expect these until late September, probably at the earliest.

2.) Anything that can be low-manned by a small static or a party like smaller Honorific NMs (HNMs), Emptiness NMs, Nyzul Isle, Allied Note NMs, Moblin Maze Mongers, Burning Circle NMs, Kindred Seal NMs, and Imperial Standing NMs should be done with a small static outside of the linkshell's involvement. You can enlist linkshell help, but the wishlist is for full linkshell activities only.

Corrianne: Askar Korazin
Dakren: Black Belt, Hagun
Fantasydeath: Tizona, Wightslayer, Homam Hands/Legs/Body
Evilahru: Suppanomimi
Clari: Hecatomb Cap(sorry, ground god drop), Homam Body
Icky: Askar Zuchetto, Hagun
Armondo: Hecatomb Cap, Homam Legs
Firebug: Optical Hat, Perseus's Harpe (Although we are setting up an Optical Hat run soon)
Harren: Hecatomb Cap, Ares' Cuirass
Zeluha: Nashira Seraweels


Posts : 40
Join date : 2009-06-19
Location : Socorro, NM

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