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Post  Aelita on Sat Aug 01, 2009 2:38 pm

1.) Have you read and do you agree to our Linkshell Rules?


2.) How much time do you play per week, what days and times, what timezone are you in, etc.

I have a lot of life going on, so I don't play as much as I used to. @_@; But I'm trying to play more now. Live in MST time zone. As for days, I for sure cannot attend on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays (evenings). My work schedule varies and so this could change, but notice will of course be given.

3.) Do you have Sky and Sea access?


4.) Have you cleared Nyzul Isle yet? If not, do you plan to?

I have not cleared Nyzul, and at the moment I do not really want to. If I could possibly get a group that could WIN once in a while (I'm out of tokens I've lost so many runs) my attitude towards it might change.

5.) What jobs do you have at 75?


6.) What jobs do you plan to take up to 75?

WHM (70), THF (60), BRD (36), SCH (37) Last two are a work in progress >_>;

7.) If you have mage jobs that are not 75, but that are above level 50 with the intent to take them higher, please list them.


8.) If you are unable to make a scheduled event, are you willing to make up that time in farming for the good of the LS? (i.e. Sky god pops, ZNM pops)

I'll do what I can with my schedule, but yes, I'm willing to farm.

9.) Please list prior Endgame experience and/or Linkshells. If you have prior Endgame Linkshell experience, please state reason for leaving said shell(s).

Dynamis with a LS whose name I have forgotten (which got me up to Northlands access). Shell disbanded.

10.) Occasionally, but not often, we will encourage LS members to help each other get access to areas required by this LS for events. Are you willing to help where needed when you have the time?

Yes. I'm willing to lead them too. :3 I have experience leading a CoP mission static and a regular Assault static.

11.) What do you hope to get out of endgame? This question is all on you, so answer it however you feel, not what you think we'd like to hear.

There's some stuff that I'd like to get, but I'm not really in any rush. Really, I'm more interested in joining for the chance to meet some great people (and reunite with some old friends) and do some epic stuff. Very Happy I'm primarily interested in BLM and RDM gear though.


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