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KnKEvolution Rules:

- Attendance -

Attending all LS events is required, unless given special dispensation by leadership. Dispensation is given only for the following:

  1. Real-Life commitments
  2. Real-Life emergencies
  3. In-Game commitments that are explained at least 24 hours before the event in question. In-game commitments must not be endgame-related, or points will be docked.

There is a 50% attendance minimum.  If attendance drops below 65%, lotting rights and points earning will be put on hold until attendance improves.  Failure to meet at least 50% attendance will result in removal from the linkshell.

Attending LS events is worth 1 point per hour, 5 points per NM fight.

Organizing a farming run for pops or to get people caught up on Sea/Sky access, when leadership is unavailable, will earn you bonus points to be determined by leadership. Screenshots will need to be provided for bonus points to be assigned.

If you do not have access to an area in which an event is being held, you are not expected to attend and will not be docked as long as leadership is aware of your active involvement in self-improvement. If you're busy working towards sky, we're not going to bitch you out for not coming on a Sea run. However, if all you do is whine that you don't have access to a zone, but don't actively set up your own runs, we will bitch you out. Continued issue with "gimme" attitudes will result in being forcibly evicted from the linkshell.

You are not allowed to attend on any characters but your own. If we see you attempt to gain points on any character except the one you joined on, you will be removed from the shell.  No using your brother/sister/aunt/uncle/mother-in-law's account to go to sky when you don't have it yourself.

- Eligibility Requirements -

  • Minimum one job at 70+ for melee jobs, 65+ for mage jobs.
  • Access to the following areas is required for our events. Please advise a sackholder if special dispensation is requested, for reason of current attempts to achieve access:
- Nyzul Isle
- Salvage
- Einherjar
- Sky
- Sea
- Dynamis (Northlands access preferred)
- Limbus

- Other Rules -

  •  You are expected to merit on your own time to benefit your performance in this shell. Missing LS events for merit parties or campaign battles will not be tolerated for any reason. Also, if you feel the need to level another job that you wish to take to endgame activities, that too will be on your own time. Do not miss endgame events with this shell for experience points, or you will be talked to by leadership.
  • Sacks are responsible for bringing in new members, but also for leading/organizing events in-shell. Listen to them, and when they speak in-shell during an event, you are silent. Do not contradict the orders of leadership during an event. If you have a disagreement with the way the event is organized or something to add to strategy, send leadership a /tell privately.
  • Item drops for events will be announced on the website. It is up to you to read the LS website and decide what you want to bid points on. The only answer to an in-LS "What drops from this fight?" will be "Go read the website."
  • Points will be used in silent-auction to the sackholder running the event. Members will send the sackholder a tell with how many points they wish to bid on which item. Winner of silent auction will be told to bid on drop in LS chat if said item drops.
  • There will be two "free lot" ZNM events a month for only members of the shell who have been in the shell for less than 30 days being allowed to lot. No points will be used, but attendance will earn points for members to start out with. Older members who donate pops will be granted the right to keep the trophy from the run.
  • To keep points regulated and prevent unfair point imbalances, members with high amounts of points who haven't used them for item drops will be requested to "buy" an event, receiving the drops of their choice from that event, other unwanted drops going to free lot. The event "purchased" would have to be an event already able to be cleared by this linkshell.
  • Your Leader is Corrianne. Your sackholders are:
- Krackle
- Ashkente
- Dakren

Respect them, and don't be afraid to send a /tell to any of them when you have a question or comment.